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Live the season to the fullest with a CSA share !

CSA shares, short for Community Supported Agriculture and more commonly known as les paniers de légumes here in Québec, are the best way to get the freshest, tastiest veggies all season long. 


Signing up for a CSA share means living and eating with the rhythm of the seasons, enjoying the freshest produce possible, and discovering new vegetables, or at the very least new varieties of your old favorites. 

Already sold on the idea? Click here to sign up now!

Or, keep reading to learn more !

{ Easy as 1-2-3 }

CSA shares are available via a seasonal subscription. To enjoy a share of the harvest, all you have to do is:


Fill out the sign-up form, making sure to choose the drop-off point and share size that work for you


Pay for your share, either all at once when you sign up or in 3 installements 


Come pick up your share every week at whichever drop-off  point you signed up for !

Read on for the full details !

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{ Length of the season }

In 2021, Groundhog Gardens is offering 21 weeks of sharesfrom the week of June 14th to the week of November 4th.

{ What's in the weekly share ? }

  • You will receive 8 to 10 different vegetables every single week

  • We, the farmers, choose what vegetables go into the shares based on what's available in the fields from week to week

  • There will often be choices available when you come to get your share, like a choice of broccoli or cauliflower, kale or swiss chard, etc

  • There will always be an exchange box so you don't get stuck with any items you don't want.

Click here to see a list of all the vegetables we plan to grow and typical share contents for different moments in the season.

We will send you the weekly share contents and the latest news from the farm the day before each week's delivery.

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{ Drop-off points }

You can pick up your weekly share on :


from 5 pm to 7 pm


at the farm

in Bromont

239 ch de l’Assomption

 J2L 2B3


from 4 pm to 7 pm

on the front terrasse of 

la Buvanderie

in the

Mile End, Montréal

248 rue Villeneuve Ouest 

H2T 2R7

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{ Share size and price }

We're happy to offer you a . . . 

single share

sized for 2 to 3 people 

who eat vegetables regularly 

or for 1 person

who eats lots and lots of veggies

at $ 30 / week


$ 630 for a full season of

vegetable bounty*

double share

sized for a family

of 4 to 6 people 

or a 2-3 person household

that eats lots and lots of veggies

at $ 60 / week


$ 1260 for a full season of

vegetable bounty*

{ the double share contains

double the amount

of the same vegetables as the

single basket ! }

*plus a fee of  $ 18 + tx ( =  $ 20.70 ) which is entirely remitted to the Réseau des fermiers de famille

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{ Care for flowers with your veg ? }

We are so happy to be able to offer our Montreal clients . . .

9 bouquets of local, ecologically-grown flowers

lovingly produced at  

Statice Farm by Justine Spits  

at  $ 20 + tx / week =

$ 180 + tx for 9 weeks of floral joy

Click here to learn more about Justine and her farm

* Only available at the Montréal drop-off point

this season *

justine photo 2.JPG

{ Client Zone }

Once you sign up for a basket, you will have access to a client zone where you will be able to see and update :

  • your client profile (email, phone number etc.)

  • CSA share sign-up and payment history

  • CSA share drop-off schedule 

  • tools offering you automatic weekly pick-up reminders by text and email

{ What about when I'm on vaction ? }

There are three ways to manage your share while you are on summer vacation :


If you already know you'll be on vacation for a week or two, you can deduct up to 2 weeks of shares from your subscription when you fill out the sign-up form;  that is, sign up for 19 or 20 weeks instead of the full 21. You'll be able to use the calendar in the Client Zone to schedule the weeks you won't be here. 


​Otherwise, you can always convert the shares that you miss while on vacation into share credits. You can use your share credits to buy surplus vegetables at either of our drop points any week you like. 


No need to spend your whole credit in one week, either—  spend it at your own speed, over several weeks if you like, so that you aren't overwhelmed with too many veggies any given week.

We simply ask that you let us know one week in advance that you will be on vacation using the tools in the Client Zone. 


Finally, if you don't want a share credit, you can always send a friend or neighbor to pick up your share at any time. 

{ What if I forget to pick up my share one week ? }

It is your responsibility to puck up your share every week.

But, we know life is complicated. 

That's why we will extend up to 3 share credits per season, valid for vacation weeks OR forgotten shares. (Read up on share credits in the vacation section above.)

But be careful : once you've used up your 3 credits, a forgotten share can't be made up !

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teddy bear sunflower.jpg

{ Solidarity Shares }

Responsibly produced food is good for you and good for planet. But it is also more expensive than conventional produce, which makes it inaccessible to many.

We're aware of this dynamic, and want to help adress it with our Solidarity Share Program, which works as follows : 

If you are in a precarious financial situation and can't afford to pay the full value of a CSA share, we encourage you to say so when you fill out the sign-up form (there's a yes/no question about this).


We'll be in touch to talk about how much of a discount you would need to be able to sign up. This information will be 100% confidential. 

{ Gestion des vacances }

Conversely, if you are in a comfortable financial situation, your donation to our Solidarity Share program will allow us to offer a discount to those who need it.

You'll be invited to make a donation when you fill out the CSA sign-up form

Healthy food should be for everyone.


{ Help out the seed-savers }

The food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations estimates that 75% of food crop biodiversity was lost between 1900 and 2000. 


This loss of genetic diversity will have a serious impact on our food security : ecologically responsible growers and seed-savers need a wide range of genetic material to develop and grow vegetable varieties that can withstand climate change and ever-evolving pest and disease situations. 

That's why we strive to buy seed from small, local, and artisanal seed savers. Seed producers such as Teprine Baldo at Semences le Noyau, Lynne Bellemarre at Terre Promise, Patrice Fortier at la Société des Plantes, and Grethe Kryger at Greta’s Organic Gardens, to name just a few, are the folks who best understand the importance of preserving the genetics of a useful range of rare, heirloom, open-pollinated, and regionally adapated vegetables and grains.

But this commitment has a cost : small, local seedsavers work hard and don't have the economies of scale of large, corporate seed producers. That means their seeds are more expensive.


That's why we invite you to make a donation to help us honour our values and buy as much seed as possible from local, artisinal seed savers.

All the donations collected will help us defray the cost of our 2021 seed purchases form local, small-scale seed savers. Any amount left over will be distributed amongst the seedsavers named above as a donation so they can keep up their hard work. You'll be invited to make a donation when you fill out the CSA sign-up form. 

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